Do erectile dysfunction exercises help?

Every man faces erectile dysfunction sooner or later. What happened? Correctly understand all the reasons can only competent specialist.
Impotence – shameful topic? NO!

Many men (if not most) sooner or later face a situation when at the moment of intimate closeness the penis suddenly refuses to come to a working state. When the first shock of failure passes, thinking begins – what was it? The partner has lost appeal? Or is there something wrong with health? Or maybe old age is already sneaking up? And most importantly, what to do now?

Erectile dysfunction question

As a rule, the man quickly goes to the last question, not finding the answers to all previous ones. And due to the sensitivity of the problem, he does not seek medical help, but begins to engage in amateur activities – to search for information of dubious quality on the Internet, to buy advertised drugs or dietary supplements with unknown contents, or to address psychics and magicians altogether.
Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
Such a course of action is fundamentally wrong. Not understanding the cause of erectile dysfunction (so correctly called impotence, both single and permanent), reliably cure it is impossible. At the same time, a long fixation on the problem will constantly reduce self-confidence, forming a “vicious circle” and leading to a further deterioration of potency.
Psychological reasons
There are many causes of erectile dysfunction (ED), so only a specialist can correctly understand what led to it. This does not apply, perhaps, only to those cases where a single erection disorder occurred due to fatigue or lack of sleep and after rest the working capacity of the sexual organ was fully restored.

Erectile dysfunction reasons

In the formation of ED, psychological factors often play a key role: experiences, nervous tension, stress, and more serious disorders such as phobias, anxiety, depression, and others. In such cases, the andrologist and the clinical psychologist should work together to help the patient.
Many drugs can also affect potency, as well as alcohol and other drugs. One of the key predisposing factors for ED is smoking. The features of lifestyle can also make a contribution: sedentary work, lack of physical and mental overload, food and wardrobe.
Unclear reasons
Sometimes the cause of impaired potency is unobvious factors, for example, ejaculation, increased arsenic in drinking water, physical effects (vibration, pressure, etc.), damage to the gums and periodontal and others.
Impotence-proving diseases
In addition, ED may be the result of various diseases. They can be divided into two large groups. The first relate directly to the reproductive system – a lesion of the vascular system and the cavernous bodies of the penis, damage to its nerves as a result of inflammation, surgery or injury. This also includes some endocrine disorders – a violation of the production and metabolism of hormones that regulate sexual function.
Another group – systemic diseases that affect the body as a whole. These include diabetes, coronary heart disease, multiple sclerosis and many other chronic diseases. Age is also important – in the fifth ten the risk of ED is four times lower than in the seventh.

Can Viagra permanently damage vision?

Side effects can be even from the most innocuous pills, didn’t you know? But who would have thought that the beloved men “Viagra” can do harm instead of good.

What do you know about Viagra? The drug called sildenafil, it is “Viagra”, is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In simple terms, it helps in problems with erection. Also, this drug can help in the treatment of gastroparesis and such a serious disease, as arterial hypertension. Not bad, if you do not take into account the fact that there may also be side effects, and quite serious ones.

Viagra: blindness instead of erection?

Science World Report recently revealed that researchers at the University of New South Wales have discovered that Sildenafil has a negative effect on human vision. The fact is that this drug hinders the normal functioning of the enzyme, which plays a decisive role in the transportation of light signals from the eye to the human brain. Particularly susceptible to people who have eye disease that can lead to blindness or with retinitis pigmentosa.

But also people with good eyesight are exposed to negative effects, because without knowing it, they can be carriers of the gene that causes retinitis pigmentosa. By the way, such a mutation can occur in 2% of the human population, that is, every 50th. Retinitis pigmentosa can develop due to mutations in the gene that produces the PDE6 enzyme. Patients who have two copies of an altered gene can get this disease. In simple terms, the man does not realize that he may have some problems with his eyesight, but if the entanglement of stars rewarded him with the wrong combination of genes, then taking Viagra, he can be awarded with visual illness.

The study conducted experiments on mice. Healthy and sick people were given a single dose of sildenafil for such a gene mutation. After it, even in healthy mice, there was a temporary loss of vision, not to mention mice with mutations. In the pupils of animals, scientists noticed signs of cell death. Thus, retinal disease carriers are affected by significant degeneration.

It is worth noting that before this study, scientists knew about temporary violations of the quality of vision in healthy people in the case of receiving high doses of their beloved Viagra. So, high sensitivity to bright light, as well as color disturbance, a kind of blurred vision is prescribed in such effects of this drug. Therefore, now scientists believe that the appointment of “Viagra” doctors should keep in mind that the consequences for the eye can be much more serious than temporary blurred vision. Another thing is that usually men take this drug without a prescription. So, it makes sense to think about the consequences of such “self-treatment”.